National Assembly (Ivory Coast)

National Assembly

Assemblée nationale
Parliament of Ivory Coast
Coat of arms or logo
Adama Bictogo [fr], RHDP
since 7 June 2022
Political groups
Government (138)

Opposition (91)

Non-partisan (26)

First past the post
Last election
6 March 2021
Meeting place
Le Plateau, Abidjan

5°19′44″N 4°01′13″W / 5.329019295188741°N 4.020173081841083°W / 5.329019295188741; -4.020173081841083

The National Assembly is lower house of the Parliament of Ivory Coast since November 2016. From 1960 to 2016, the National Assembly was Ivory Coast's unicameral legislative body. Evolved from semi-representative bodies of the French Colonial period, the first National Assembly was constituted on 27 November 1960 with 70 elected members (députés) in accordance with the Constitution of 31 October 1960, which created the First Republic.

Legislative power in Ivory Coast is exercised by Deputies elected from Constituencies (Circonscriptions) by a Scrutin de Liste or Plurality-at-large voting which has neither a proportional representation or panachage element common in many such systems. The powers of this Assembly expire at the end of its second regular session (session ordinaire) in the fifth year of its mandate. The Assembly is then reformed by election from candidates who must be Ivorian citizens of 25 years or older who have never renounced their Ivorian nationality.

The first National Assembly of the Second Republic of Ivory Coast elected for the period 2000–2005 was marked by both internal political crisis and the Ivorian Civil War. No elections were held in 2005, but with the peace deal ending the Civil War, elections are expected on 30 November 2008.

The 2011 Ivorian parliamentary election was dominated by the Rally of the Republicans, the party of President Alassane Ouattara, followed by the Democratic Party of Côte d'Ivoire – African Democratic Rally. The current National Assembly is made up of 255 elected officials, with the National Assembly president post being vacant.

Presidents of the National Assembly

Below is a list of presidents of the Conseil général:

Name Entered office Left office
Auguste Denise 1947 1950

Below is a list of presidents of the Territorial Assembly:

Name Entered office Left office
Victor Capai Djédjé 1950 1953
Félix Houphouët-Boigny 1953 1959

Below is a list of presidents of the National Assembly:

Name Entered office Left office
Philippe Yacé 27 April 1959 1980
Henri Konan Bédié December 1980 1993
Charles Bauza Donwahi 8 January 1993 2 April 1997
Émile Atta Brou 1997 1999
Mamadou Koulibaly 22 January 2001 12 March 2012
Guillaume Kigbafori Soro 12 March 2012 8 February 2019
Amadou Soumahoro 7 March 2019 7 May 2022

Last election results

Rally of Houphouëtists for Democracy and Peace1,313,88649.18137–30
Democratic Party of Ivory Coast160,5996.0123
Together for Democracy and Sovereignty118,5704.448New
Together to Build (UDPCI, FPI and allies)53,8262.018+2
Ivorian Popular Front52,4511.962–1
For the Republic and Democracy2,4170.090New
Republican Union for Democracy2,0530.0800
Rally of Democrats of Ivory Coast1,8100.070New
Rally for Peace and Agreement1,6940.0600
1,000 Volunteers1,6000.060New
Union of Democrats for Progress1,1460.0400
Party for African Integration1,0160.040New
Ecological Party of Ivory Coast8220.030New
Strength to the Peoples6810.030New
Alliance for Democracy Movement5890.020New
Serving Ivory Coast5870.020New
Democratic and Civic Union5350.0200
National Civic Movement5330.0200
New Union for Ivory Coast4640.020New
People's Party of Social Democrats4050.0200
Party for Progress and Socialism3920.010New
Ivorian Ecological Party3000.010New
National, Democratic and Reformist Front2630.0100
Congress for an Ivorian and Pan-African Renaissance2480.0100
Pan-African Congress for Renewal2440.010New
People's Socialist Union2370.0100
Union for Total Democracy in Ivory Coast2330.0100
Union for National Progress2280.0100
Group of Political Partners for Peace1940.010New
Liberal Democratic Party of Ivory Coast1920.010New
Ivorian Democratic Front1810.010New
Pan-African Democratic Rally1750.0100
Reform is Possible2460.010New
Ivorian Centrist Alliance1430.010New
Business and Farmers Party of Ivory Coast1180.000New
National Integrity and Conscience820.000New
Democratic and Social Movement790.0000
Social Democrat Party660.000New
Ivorian Party of Challenges to Overcome640.0000
National Congress for the Development of Ivory Coast570.000New
Collective of Democratic Ivorians550.0000
National Reforming Party530.000New
Party of Democratic Rebirth and Development460.000New
Party of Republican Democrats430.000New
National Movement of Young Centrists180.000New
Valid votes2,671,75595.83
Invalid/blank votes116,2674.17
Total votes2,788,022100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,359,39937.88
Source: CEI

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