National Assembly of Gabon

National Assembly

Assemblée Nationale
4th Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Jean-François Ndongou, Gabonese Democratic Party
since 15 September 2023
Political groups
Gabonese Democratic Party (98)

Independents (18)
The Democrats (11)
Restoration of Republican Values (6)
Social Democrats of Gabon (5)

Heritage and Modernity Rally (5)
Last election
26 August 2023

0°24′44″N 9°26′33″E / 0.4121°N 9.4425°E / 0.4121; 9.4425

The National Assembly (French: Assemblée Nationale) is the lower house of the Parliament of Gabon. It has 143 members, elected by Two round system

The status of the Parliament is unclear following the coup d'état four days after the 2023 general election.

Legislative history

National Assembly was established in 1960 by the Constitution of Gabon as an unicameral legislature. The members were elected by direct universal suffrage for a seven-year term. During the single-party rule from 1967 to 1990, all members were from Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG), the sole legal party. In 1979 the mandate of the members was reduced from seven years to five years. Single-party system was dropped in 1990. Bicameral system was introduced, and Senate of Gabon was established in 1997.

Latest results

Parties Votes % Seats +/-
Gabonese Democratic Party 98 -15
The Democrats 11 New
Restoration of Republican Values 6 New
Social Democrats of Gabon 5 New
Heritage and Modernity Rally 5 New
Others 18
Invalid/blank votes
Total 143 +23
Registered voters/turnout 58.63
Source: Results per circuit Gabon Actu

Members (since 1990)

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