National Council on Climate Change

The National Council on Climate Change is the national designate authority responsible for combating climate change and its impact in Nigeria. The Council was inaugurated in 2022 by former President Muhammadu Buhari to help formulate policies that will help achieve green and sustainable economy in Nigeria. The composition of the Council include The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as Chairman, the Vice President as Vice Chairman while the Director General of the Council as Secretary. In 2022, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Salisu Dahiru as the pioneer Director-General of the Council.


The structure of the National Council of Climate Change comprised actors from different sectors and Ministries. The membership include:

  • President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - Chairman
  • Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria - Vice Chairman
  • Director General, National Council on Climate Change - Secretary

Other members include, the Ministers of Environment; Water Resources; Power; Transportation; Mines and Steel Development; Agriculture and Rural Development; Women Affairs and Social Development; Finance, Budget, and National Planning; as well as the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.

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