National Union of Students Scotland

National Union of Students Scotland
Headquarters1 Papermill Wynd, McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4QL
International affiliationNational Union of Students of the United Kingdom + Students for Cooperation

The National Union of Students Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Aonadh Nàiseanta na Oileanaich na h-Alba, Scots: Naitional Union o Collegianers Scotland) is an autonomous body within the National Union of Students. It is the national representative body of around 500,000 students studying in further and higher education in Scotland and was formed following the merger of NUS in Scotland with the Scottish Union of Students in 1971.

NUS Scotland has three full-time officers. For the 2017–18 academic year, are President Luke Humberstone, Vice-President (Education) Jodie Waite and Women's Officer Shuwanna Aaron.[1] A fourth officer position is voluntary: NUS Scotland Vice President (Communities) for 2017–18 is Elena Semple.[1]

Democratic Structure

NUS Scotland policy is set by the 18-member Scottish Executive Council (SEC), which meets monthly.

The NUS Scotland President, VP (Education), VP (Communities), eight Scottish Executive Councillors (four reserved for college, four open. Two college places and two open places reserved for self-defining women) are elected each year at NUS Scotland Conference, which is usually held in March, by representatives from member students’ associations. All elected officers hold the post from 1 July to 30 June.

Liberation Officers (Women's Officer, Black Students' Officer, LGBT Students' Officer, Disabled Students' Officer) are each elected at their own annual conferences, held between the NUS Scotland Conference and the end of June.

For the first time, the Mature and Part-time Students' Officer, International Students Officer and Postgraduate Students' Officer for 2014/15 were elected at a dedicated Sections Conference on 29 April 2014.[2] However, this conference was cancelled in 2015 and these officers were co-opted, along with the new voluntary officer position for Asylum seekers & Refugees.

Elected officers can hold each post for a maximum of two years.

Affiliated Students' Unions

Students' associations in Scotland which are affiliated to NUS:

Tertiary Students' Associations:

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