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Niari, department of the Republic of the Congo
Niari, department of the Republic of the Congo
CountryRepublic of the Congo
 • Total25,942 km2 (10,016 sq mi)
(2007 census)
 • Total231,271
 • Density8.9/km2 (23/sq mi)
HDI (2018)0.567
medium · 4th of 12

Niari (can also be written as Niadi) is a department of the Republic of the Congo in the western part of the country. It borders the departments of Bouenza, Kouilou, and Lékoumou, and internationally, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Cabinda portion of Angola. The regional capital is Dolisie.

Until 2012 Niari had only six districts

Administrative divisions

According to an administrational reorganisation of 2012, Niari Department is divided into fourteen districts and two communes not belonging to any district:


  1. Louvakou District
  2. Kibangou District
  3. Divénié District
  4. Mayoko District
  5. Kimongo District
  6. Moutamba District
  7. Banda District
  8. Londéla–Kayes District
  9. Makabana District
  10. Mbinda District
  11. Moungoundou-Sud District
  12. Nyanga District
  13. Moungoundou-Nord District
  14. Yaya District


  1. Dolisie
  2. Mossendjo

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