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Nina Ricci (designer)

Nina Ricci[1]
Maria Nielli[1]

Died(1970-11-28)28 November 1970[2][1]
OccupationFashion designer[3]
Known forCo-founder of Nina Ricci[4]
Spouse(s)Luigi Ricci
(m.1904, widowed).[5][1]

Nina Ricci (born Maria Nielli; 1883 – 1970) was an Italian-born French fashion designer.[1][3][5]

She was born in Turin, Italy, and moved to France at the age of 12.[3][5]

At the age of 13, she began an apprenticeship at a dressmaker's.[7]

In 1904, she married Luigi Ricci.[5] They had one child, Robert.[1][6]

In 1908, she joined the House of Raffin, where she remained for decades.[1]

She and her son Robert founded the fashion house Nina Ricci in Paris in 1932; it has been owned by the Spanish company Puig since 1998.[4]


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