North Dakota Library Association

North Dakota Library Association
image of the state of North Dakota in blue with a green shadow and the letters NDLA over the top of it
FormationJanuary 18, 1906; 115 years ago (1906-01-18)
Parent organization
American Library Association

The North Dakota Library Association[1][2][3] (NDLA) is a professional association for librarians, library staff, and library supporters that represent school, public, academic, and special libraries located in North Dakota, United States. "The purpose of this organization is to exercise professional leadership and to promote library services and librarianship."[4] The North Dakota Library Association was formed on January 18, 1906.[5] The association has humble beginnings – at the 1909 conference, there was only 18 members.[6] There are currently over 300 NDLA members (including academic, health, public, and school libraries).[7]

Executive Board

The NDLA Executive Board includes 27 members, including: President; President-Elect; Past President; Secretary; Treasurer; American Library Association Councilor; Mountain Plains Library Association[8] Representative; Academic & Special Libraries Section; Government Documents Roundtable; Health Science Information Section; New Members Roundtable; Public Library Section; School & Library Youth Service Section; Technical Services Roundtable; Constitution, Bylaws & Policies; Continuing Education; Finance; Intellectual Freedom;[9] Legislative; Nominations, Elections & Voting; Membership; Professional Development; Public Relations & 2014–26 Executive Secretary; The Good Stuff[10] Editorial; Archivist/Historian; State Librarian;[11] and Web Editor.[12] The Executive Board is responsible for the transactions of “all business of the North Dakota Library Association”, speaking “for the NDLA membership on national, state, and local library issues”, setting “goals and executes long-range plans for the NDLA”, taking “no position on social issues that do not directly impact libraries” and following “through on directives expressed by NDLA members at the Annual Conference and by section and roundtable decision.” The Executive Board “meets at least three times a year” and “all meetings are open to the NDLA membership.”[13]

Librarian of the Year Awards

NDLA awards a Librarian of the Year award annually since 1992 for "notable contributions to the North Dakota library profession, .. significant development of libraries in North Dakota, or .. exemplary statewide service for an extended period of time."[14]

Name Library Location Year
Ruth Evert Edgeley Public Library Edgeley 1992
Cheryl Bailey University of Mary Library Bismarck 1993
Bev Quamme Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School Library Fargo 1994
Neil Price /
Sally Oremland
University of North Dakota /
North Dakota State Library
Grand Forks /
Blanche Stangeland Carrington Public Library Carrington 1996
Dennis Page Grand Forks Public Library Grand Forks 1997
Shelby Harken Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota Grand Forks 1998
Thomas Jones Bismarck Public Library Bismarck 1999
Mike Jaugstetter (posthumous) North Dakota State Library Bismarck 2000
Cyndy Schaff Williston Community Library Williston 2001
Betty Gard Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota Grand Forks 2002[15]
Iris Swedlund Velva School and Public Library Velva 2003[16]
Jerry Kaup Minot Public Library Minot 2004
Cheryl Tollefson Dickinson Area Public Library Dickinson 2005[17]
Kathy Thomas North Dakota State University Libraries Fargo 2006
Marlene Anderson Bismarck State College Library Bismarck 2007
Michael M. Miller North Dakota State University Libraries Fargo 2008[18][19]
Jan Wysocki Bottineau Library, Minot State University Bottineau 2009
Doris Ott North Dakota State Library Bismarck 2010[20][21]
Marilyn Guttromson Johnson (Retired) Bismarck 2011[22]
Christine Kujawa Bismarck Public Library Bismarck 2012[23]
Kathy Thomas (Retired) North Dakota State University Libraries Fargo 2013
Sandra Hannahs West Fargo Public Library West Fargo 2014[24]
Paulette Nelson Minot Public Library Minot 2015
Wendy Wendt /
Greta Guck
Grand Forks Public Library /
Leach Public Library
Grand Forks /
Kelly Steckler (posthumous) Morton Mandan Public Library Mandan 2017
Laurie McHenry Thormodsgard Law Library Grand Forks 2018


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