Northern Territory Library

Northern Territory Library
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Interior of the Northern Territory Library
TypeState library
Reference to legal mandatePublications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004[1]
LocationDarwin City, Northern Territory[2]
Coordinates12°28′00″S 130°50′34″E / 12.466596°S 130.842761°E / -12.466596; 130.842761Coordinates: 12°28′00″S 130°50′34″E / 12.466596°S 130.842761°E / -12.466596; 130.842761[2]
Size108,000 books
Legal depositSince 2004[1]
Other information
DirectorPatrick Gregory

The Northern Territory Library is the major reference and research library of the Northern Territory of Australia, responsible for collecting, preserving and providing access to the territory's documentary heritage and connecting people to the world of information. The library is located in Parliament House in the State Square complex, in the suburb of Darwin City.[2] The library holds over 108,000 books and 30,000 items.


The library was formally known as the 'State Reference Library' when it opened in 1980 on Cavenagh Street in central Darwin. In 1985, the library was transferred from the Department of Community Development to the Department of Education. The Library became the provider of library services to the Office of Local Government. In 1992, the office was absorbed into the new Department of Lands, Housing and Local Government.

It was then relocated to the new Parliament House in 1995, and was officially opened on May 22 by the minister responsible for libraries, the Hon Stephen Hatton MLA. It was renamed 'Reference and Parliamentary Library Services'. After the restructure of Northern Territory Library in 1997, the joint-use service in Parliament House was renamed 'Northern Territory Library'.

On 12 September 2016, it became part of the Northern Territory's Government's Department of Tourism and Culture.[3]


Northern Territory Library holds the key collection of books, journals, newspapers, and audio-visual materials relating to the Northern Territory. It also holds regular events and exhibitions.[4][5][6]

It also supports the development of 32 public and remote libraries across the Northern Territory,[7] also providing internet services in some communities.

Territory Stories

Territory Stories[8] is a digital archive of historical and culturally significant materials in the Northern Territory, Australia. The collection includes documents, photographs, audio and video files. Members of the community contribute content to the archive. Territory Stories draws on the stories collected in local knowledge centres managed by the community, including Indigenous communities.[9] Territory Stories includes community contributions from many territorians.[10]


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