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Open Data Science Conference
ODSC Logo 2020.png
GenreConferences, Exhibitions, Technology, Data science
Location(s)Boston, San Francisco, Brazil, United Kingdom, India
Inaugurated2015 (Boston)
Attendance45,000 (in 2019)

Open Data Science Conference, or ODSC, is an annual event held in Boston[1], San Francisco, Brazil, London, and India[2]. The purpose of ODSC events is to discuss data science and machine learning topics, as well as provide training sessions.


Open Data Science Conference was founded in 2015, with the first inaugural event held on May 30th, 2015. [3] Since then, the event has grown rapidly, from 2,000 participants in 2017 to 8,230 registered attendees in 2020. [4] [5]


  1. ^ Sharma, Niti (January 17, 2020). "7 Highly-Awaited Big Data Conferences in 2020". CommunalNews.com. Communal News. Retrieved May 18, 2020. 6. Open Data Science Conference East (Boston), 13 – 17 April, 2020. Topics Coverage: AI for engineers, Data wrangling, Data Visualization, Data Science workflows, Machine vision, Machine Translation, Deep Learning, AI research, Predictive analysis, Machine Learning. Other Additional Subjects To Be Discussed: Data science research, Conversational AI, Self-driving vehicles, etc. Technologies & Tools To Be Talked About: R programming, Python, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, Neo4J, Azure ML, etc.
  2. ^ Thomas, Anu (February 10, 2020). "Top 6 Must-Attend AI & ML Conferences in India for 2020". analyticsindiamag.com. Analytics India Magazine. Retrieved May 18, 2020. One of the biggest specialised data science events, ODSC, is coming out with its next event this September. With insightful sessions, full-day training, and speakers programs, the five-day conference promises to accelerate your knowledge on data science and related disciplines. With Dr Viral B Shah, co-founder and CEO of Julia Computing Language, leading the keynote speeches last year, this year’s event boasts of an enviable list of speakers who have been the core contributors to many open source products used by data scientists worldwide. When: September 9-12. Where: Bengaluru
  3. ^ Hogan, Bryan (August 6, 2015). "#30 Open Data Science Conference". ivoox.com. ivoox. Retrieved May 15, 2020. Descripción de #30 Open Data Science Conference. Summary: Boston was host to the first ever Open Data Science Conference over the weekend of May 30th and 31st 2015. I spent the days wandering around talking to people with interesting stories. I hope you enjoy this episode, it was fun making it.
  4. ^ Landa, Alex (April 24, 2020). "Recapping the First of its Kind: The ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference". opendatascience.com. OpenDataScience. Retrieved May 15, 2020. We’re a few days removed from the ODSC East 2020 Virtual Conference, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. Over the course of four days, more than 8,230 people registered for the first-of-its-kind conference – one of the largest online data science events ever.
  5. ^ Salamone, Salvatore (April 26, 2020). "AI Shines at Virtual ODSC East Conference". rtinsights.com. RTInsights. Retrieved May 18, 2020. This month’s Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East, like all recent events, became a virtual conference due to COVID-19. More than 7,150 people attended the online conference and took part in a full complement of keynotes, workshops, training sessions, and simultaneous talks throughout the conference.

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