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Oklahoma Library Association
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Purpose"To strengthen the quality of libraries, library services and librarianship in Oklahoma."[1]
HeadquartersOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Stacy Schrank
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The Oklahoma Library Association (OLA) is a non-profit organization that promotes libraries and library services and provides professional development for library personnel in the state of Oklahoma. OLA is a chapter of both the American Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association.[2] OLA hosts workshops throughout the year and holds an Annual Conference.[3] OLA is the official sponsor of the Sequoyah Book Award, the Read Y'all celebrity poster literacy campaign, and the Mildred Laughlin Festival of Books.[4][5][6]


OLA was formed on May 16, 1907 by a small group of librarians from the University of Oklahoma and nearby normal schools as well as public libraries. The meeting was hosted by the now-defunct Carnegie Library in downtown Oklahoma City.[7] These librarians were interested in forming a statewide library association to ensure the "statewide extension of tax-supported library service" and "to explore a more economical way of transporting...books."[8]

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