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One World Media is a non-profit organisation, registered in the UK as a charitable trust. It is based in London. The charity promotes media that contributes to global dialogue and understanding, human rights and development, mobilising a global media community that shares the same values.[1] It is an initiative intended to allow broadcasters a wider access to audiences for ideas on international development.[2]

One World Media Awards

The One World Media Awards[3] are for campaigners and journalists who raise awareness of development issues. They recognise excellence in media coverage of the developing world and its social and cultural life.[4][5] They are presented annually in a ceremony in London. These prizes, which have been called the "Oscars of factual broadcasting in the UK", were described by news presenter Jon Snow as “the awards that people in the industry really want to win”.[6] In recent years Snow has also presented the awards.

2012 Awards

The One World Media Awards 2012 (24th year) took place on the evening of 8 May at Kings Place, London.[7]

Category Winner[8] Organisation/Award to
Journalist of the Year Jamal Osman ITN for Channel 4
Radio Assignment - Haiti Cholera Epidemic BBC World Service
Television Sri Lanka's Killing Fields ITN for Channel 4
Documentary Sri Lanka's Killing Fields ITN for Channel 4
New Media Our Africa SOS Children's Villages UK
News Nato units left 61 migrants to die of hunger and thirst The Guardian
Drama Otelo Burning Otelo Burning Films
Children's Rights Africa Investigates: Spell of the Albino InsightNewsTV for Al Jazeera English
Press The Rape of Men The Observer
Popular Features Toughest Place to be a Binman BBC Two
Sustainable Development There Once Was An Island On the Level Productions
Student Bagong Silang Zena Merton, Giselle Santos and Stefan Werc, London College of Communication
Special Stolen Childhood Adanech Admassu and Gem TV, Ethiopia

2013 Awards

The 25th annual One World Media Awards took place on Tuesday 7 May at Kings Place in London.[9]

Category Winner[9] Organisation/Award to
International Journalist of the Year Sue Lloyd-Roberts BBC Newsnight
Radio Assignment/ Crossing Continents: Uzbekistan BBC World
Television Unreported World: The Master Chef of Mogadishu Channel 4
Documentary In The Shadow Of The Sun/ Storyville: The Albino Witchcraft Murders Inroad Films and Century Films for BBC Storyville
New Voice Tahir Qadiry BBC Persian
News Somali Justice Channel 4 News
Press Death Metal Guardian Weekend Magazine
Student Almost Famous Vincent Du, Goldsmiths
Special Objective TV, Azerbaijan

Other activities

Since 1987, One World Media has been working with insiders and experts across all media.

  • One World Media Week presents a programme of workshops, panel discussions, funding opportunities, screenings and talks
  • One World Media's educational work with students and universities enables the next generation of media professionals to engage with the wider world
  • Fellowships provide professional development opportunities to broadcasters from the developing world and the UK, focusing on international dialogue and the promotion of media standards, human rights and development
  • Through other activities, often with partner organisations, One World Media works with young people to raise awareness of the wider world in the UK; highlight media as a tool for development in fields like health, education, the economy, governance and human rights; and contribute to research, advocacy and lobbying for greater visibility in the media of international issues such as the Millennium Development Goals and the diverse cultures of the world.

In 2010, One World Media introduced the inaugural One World Media Week, a programme of events held in conjunction with the Awards. Its events range from panel discussions and lectures covering relevant issues in media and development, film screenings and a day for new and emerging media professionals interesting in documentary filmmaking and journalism, featuring free workshops, masterclasses, discussion and more.

One World Media also runs a Student Media Programme, with a range of university media courses around the UK. The programme aims to support and encourage tomorrow's journalists and documentary filmmakers to produce high-quality media coverage of the developing world through workshops and events covering a range of issues relating to reporting and filmmaking in developing countries.[10] The project is currently funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development, as part of its Development Awareness Fund.[11]

Since 1997, the charity has also run the One World Media Fellowships, which brings a group of senior broadcasters from overseas to the UK, where they exchange ideas and experiences with their counterparts.[12] One World Media also runs a number of other events, including sessions at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

Staff, trustees and patrons

The current director is Gemma Bradshaw.[13]

The Trustees of One World Media are:

  • John Willis, Chief Executive of Mentorn Media and Creative Director of Tinopolis. (Chair)
  • Jane Mote, Interim Head of Programming, Northern Europe, Turner Broadcasting.
  • Sir Brendan Gormley, International development consultant. Formerly Chair, DEC.
  • Phil Harding, former Director of English Network & News, BBC
  • David Lloyd, former Head of News and Current Affairs C4. Visiting Professor, Department of Journalism, City University
  • Christo Hird, Managing Editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism & Founder and Managing Director of Dartmouth Films
  • Camilla Otto, Consultant, international development aid
  • Benjamin Chance, Investment Adviser, Morgan Stanley
  • Sunil Sheth, Partner, Fladgate LLP
  • Peggy Walters, Communications and Public Affairs Consultant

Patrons of One World Media include Jon Snow, Zeinab Badawi, Michael Buerk and Jonathan Dimbleby.


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