Parishes and dependencies of Antigua and Barbuda

Parishes and Dependencies
LocationAntigua and Barbuda
Number6 parishes, 2 dependencies
Populations1,634 (Barbuda) - 51,737 (Saint John Parish)
Areas24.41 (Saint George Parish) - 160.58 (Barbuda)
  • Vestry (created in 1692, inactive), Parish councils (proposed during the 2023 Antiguan general election)

Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation made up of: Antigua island which is divided into six parishes; and of the two dependencies of Barbuda island and Redonda island.

Although Barbuda and Redonda are called dependencies, they are integral parts of the state, making them essentially administrative divisions. Dependency is simply their title.

Redonda was annexed into Saint John Parish and unlike Barbuda, is not an autonomous island.


Antigua's first-level administrative divisions were based on Divisions, which were later joined together to form the island's five parishes. Prior to the creation of parishes, Divisions served as the basis for Antigua's administrative divisions. Despite the fact that divisions have never been eliminated, major divisions have now taken over the role of becoming Antigua's second-level administrative divisions.

On January 11, 1692, the five founding parishes of Antigua and Barbuda—Saint John, Saint Mary, Saint Paul, and Saint Philip and Saint Peter—were formally organized into what are now known as the Parishes of Antigua and Barbuda. In 1725, the parish of Saint Peter was divided into the parish of Saint Peter as it is known today and the parish of Saint George.

The office of "justice" served as the top government official in parishes in the past; but, de facto, this role is no longer held in any parishes. Each parish also had a vestry.


No. Parish or
Capital Largest city Area
(Census 2011)
Parliamentary constituencies

(some constituencies are over multiple parish lines)

Map of the parishes of Antigua
01 Saint George Fitches Creek Piggotts 24.41 8,055 3 (2 overlap parish lines)
02 Saint John Saint John's Saint John's 66.96 51,737 12 (6 overlap parish lines)
03 Saint Mary Old Road Bolands 63.55 7,341 4 (3 overlap parish lines)
04 Saint Paul Falmouth Liberta 45.27 8,128 1
05 Saint Peter Parham Parham 32.37 5,325 2 (all overlap parish lines)
06 Saint Philip St. Philips Willikies 40.67 3,347 2
07 Barbuda Codrington Codrington 160.58 1,634 1
08 Redonda N/A N/A 1.50 0 0
  Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's 435.31 85,567 17

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