Pharos University in Alexandria

Pharos University in Alexandria (P.U.A )
The headquarters
PresidentProf. Abd Al Monem Mousa
Vice-presidentProf. Yousry El Kharadly

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) جامعة فاروس بالإسكندرية is a non-governmental and profit making university in Alexandria, Egypt.

It obtained the license from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Private Universities to begin operation in the 2006–2007 academic year. It includes eleven faculties: Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing, Dentistry, Engineering, Languages and Translation, Financial and Administrative Sciences, Legal Studies and International Relations, Tourism and Hotel Management, Allied Medical Sciences, Mass Communication, Physical Therapy, Arts and Design.

Faculty of Engineering

The faculty consists of the following departments:

  • Construction Engineering & Management Department.
  • Architectural Engineering Department.
  • Computer Engineering Department.
  • Electrical Engineering Department:
    • Electrical Power Engineering & Control Section.
    • Electronics & Communications Engineering Section.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department:
    • Mechanical Power Engineering Section.
    • Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Section.
  • Petrochemical Engineering Department.

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