Pierre Joseph Pelletier

Pierre-Joseph Pelletier
Pierre Joseph Pelletier
Born22 March 1788
Died19 July 1842 (1842-07-20) (aged 54)
Known foralkaloids, quinine and strychnine
Scientific career
Fieldschemistry, pharmacy

Pierre-Joseph Pelletier (UK: /ˈpɛlətieɪ/, US: /ˌpɛləˈtjeɪ/, French: [pjɛʁ ʒɔzɛf pɛltje]; 22 March 1788 – 19 July 1842) was a French chemist and pharmacist who did notable research on vegetable alkaloids, and was the co-discoverer with Joseph Bienaimé Caventou of quinine, caffeine, and strychnine. He was also a collaborator and co-author with Polish chemist Filip Walter.

Original preparation of quinine acetate by Pelletier, 1810-1840

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