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Plateaux, department of the Republic of the Congo
Plateaux, department of the Republic of the Congo
CountryRepublic of the Congo
 • Total38,400 km2 (14,800 sq mi)
(2023 census)
 • Total283,421
 • Density7.4/km2 (19/sq mi)
HDI (2018)0.542
low · 5th of 12

Plateaux is a department of the Republic of the Congo in the central part of the country. It borders the departments of Cuvette, Cuvette Ouest, Lékoumou and Pool, and internationally, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the east and Gabon on the west. The regional capital is Djambala. Principal cities and towns include Gamboma and Lekana.

Districts of Plateaux

Administrative divisions

Plateaux Department is divided into eleven districts:


  1. Djambala District
  2. Lekana District
  3. Gamboma District
  4. Abala District
  5. Allembé District
  6. Makotimpoko District
  7. Mbon District
  8. Mpouya District
  9. Ngo District
  10. Ollombo District
  11. Ongogni District

1°56′12″S 15°21′34″E / 1.93674°S 15.35948°E / -1.93674; 15.35948

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