Politics of Réunion

Réunion is an overseas département of France.

The island's conventional name is the Department of Réunion, or Réunion. The French flag is used on the island. The island's capital is Saint-Denis, and the island is divided into 4 arrondissements, 24 communes and 25 cantons.

Réunion is governed by French law under Article 73 of the Constitution of France, under which the laws and regulations are applicable as of right, as in metropolitan France. Suffrage is granted universally to all those over the age of 18.

Executive branch

The chief of state is the French President Emmanuel Macron, who is represented by Prefect Jerome Filippini. The president of the General Council, who acts as head of the government,[citation needed] is Cyrille Melchior.[citation needed] The President of the Regional Council is Huguette Bello.

Elections held in Réunion include the French presidential vote.[citation needed] A prefect is appointed by the president on the advice of the French Ministry of the Interior.[citation needed] The presidents of the General and Regional Councils are elected by members of those councils.[citation needed]

Legislative branch

The unicameral Departmental Council has 50 seats (since 4.2015). The unicameral Regional Council has 45 seats. Members of both are elected by direct election for six-year terms.


Party seats
Les Républicains 15
Socialist Party 10
Miscellaneous Right 10
Communist Party of Réunion 8
Miscellaneous Left 3
MoDem 3


Réunion elects seven deputies to the National Assembly for five-year terms.[citation needed]

Constituency Deputy Party
1st Ericka Bareigts PS
2nd Karine Lebon PLR
3rd Nathalie Bassire LR
4th David Lorion LR
5th Jean-Hugues Ratenon DVG
6th Nadia Ramassamy LR
7th Thierry Robert MoDem


Réunion elects four senators to the Senate for six-year terms.[citation needed]

Senator Party
Michel Fontaine LR
Didier Robert LR
Paul Vergès PCR
Michel Vergoz PS

European Parliament

Réunion participates in French elections to the European Parliament as a part of the Indian Ocean section of the Overseas constituency, which also includes Mayotte.[citation needed] Younous Omarjee, from Réunion, is one of the three MEPs representing the constituency.[citation needed]

Judicial branch

The Judicial branch of the overseas département is run by the Cour d'Appel (Court of Appeals).[citation needed]

International organization participation

Reunion is a member in the Indian Ocean Commission (InOC) since 1986, and of the World Federation of Trade Unions.[citation needed]

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