Politics of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country located in West Africa, known officially as the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Government of Sierra Leone

The government of Sierra Leone is the governing authority of the Republic of Sierra Leone, as established by the Sierra Leone Constitution. The Sierra Leone government is divided into three branches: the executive, legislative and the judicial. The seat of government of Sierra Leone is in the capital Freetown.

The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Sierra Leone a "hybrid regime" in 2019.[1][needs update]

Administrative divisions

Sierra Leone is divided into provinces, districts, and chiefdoms. Sierra Leone has 3 rural provinces, plus a capital city administrative province. There are then 14 districts - 12 rural, 2 for the capital Freetown.

Sierra Leone is further divided into 149 chiefdoms.[2] The chiefdoms are hereditary, tribal units of local governance.[2] The World Bank sponsored the creation of elected local councils in 2004.[2]

Political parties and elections

Presidential elections

CandidateRunning matePartyFirst roundSecond round
Julius Maada BioMohamed Juldeh JallohSierra Leone People's Party1,097,48243.261,319,40651.81
Samura KamaraChernor Maju BahAll People's Congress1,082,74842.681,227,17148.19
Kandeh YumkellaAndrew Karmoh KeiliNational Grand Coalition174,0146.86
Samuel Sam-SumanaDavid Bai ContehCoalition for Change87,7203.46
Mohamed Kamaraimba MansarayIsata Abdulai KamaraAlliance Democratic Party26,7041.05
Gbandi Jemba NgobehAnsumama Mambu Porga FowaiRevolutionary United Front12,8270.51
Musa TarawallyPaul Alimamy BanguraCitizens Democratic Party11,4930.45
Charles MargaiIsata Dora BanguraPeople's Movement for Democratic Change9,8640.39
Mohamed Charnoh BahVictoria HunterNational Democratic Alliance8,3440.33
Mohamed Sowa-TurayAlex Brihim Matthew Kai KaiUnited Democratic Movement5,6950.22
Patrick John O'DwyerBlanche Joko SamuraNational Progressive Democrats4,2390.17
Kandeh Baba ContehAbu Bakarr Salaiman TarawallyPeace and Liberation Party4,2330.17
Femi Claudius ColeMohamed S.V Jr TarawalleyUnity Party3,8250.15
Saa Henry KabutaBenedit Lansana KargboUnited National People's Party3,0610.12
Beresford Victor WilliamsSeptimus Mohamed KemokaiRepublic National Independence Party2,5550.10
Jonathan Patrick SandySafiatu BlangoNational Unity and Reconciliation Party2,3180.09
Valid votes2,537,12294.792,546,57798.77
Invalid/blank votes139,4275.2131,6941.23
Total votes2,676,549100.002,578,271100.00
Registered voters/turnout3,178,66384.203,178,66381.11

Parliamentary elections

All People's Congress989,43139.9368+1
Sierra Leone People's Party964,65938.9349+7
National Grand Coalition215,3158.694New
Coalition for Change119,0064.808New
Citizens Democratic Party31,5891.2700
Alliance Democratic Party19,8490.800New
People's Movement for Democratic Change19,0530.7700
National Progressive Democrats5,1730.210New
Unity Party3,7150.150New
National Democratic Alliance3,5340.1400
People's Democratic Party2,4280.1000
Peace and Liberation Party2,2780.0900
United Democratic Movement1,6450.0700
Republic National Independence Party6780.030New
United National People's Party6200.0300
Revolutionary United Front4380.0200
National Unity and Reconciliation Party1650.010New
Paramount chiefs14+2
Registered voters/turnout3,178,663
Source: EEAS

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