Port Fairy Folk Festival

The Port Fairy Folk Festival is a popular annual four-day music festival based in the historic fishing village of Port Fairy in Victoria, Australia.

Festival background

The festival began over December 2,3,4 1977 under the theme of "Australian and Irish Traditional Music" exploring traditional music and culture. The festival was founded by Jamie McKew leading a small group of folk music performers and supporters from Geelong and Melbourne. The focus moved to "World Roots and Acoustic Music" in the early 1980s and has subsequently broadened to include a very diverse range of genres, styles and influences. The 40th edition of the festival was held in March 2016 with Jamie McKew as Festival Director. The leadership transitioned seamlessly to Caroline Moore as Program Director from 2017 and on-going. The festival now takes place over the Victoria Labour Day long weekend each year. The festival is produced by the Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee Incorporated and based in Port Fairy since 1992.

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