List of presidents of the National Union of Students (United Kingdom) (Redirected from President of the National Union of Students)

This article lists all Presidents of the National Union of Students in the United Kingdom.

# Years of office Name Institution(s) Faction
1 1922 Ivison S Macadam King's College London
2 1922–23 A Gordon Bagnall University of Oxford
3 1923–24 Ralph Nunn May University of Birmingham
4 1924–25 F G G Carr University of Cambridge
5 1925–26 W J Langford University of Reading
6 1926–27 J E Meredith University of Wales, Bangor
7 1927–29 Frank Ongley Darvall University of Reading
8 1929–1930 Sam Cohen University College, Cardiff
9 1930–31 H Trevor Lloyd University of Bristol
10 1931–33 Denis Follows University of London and University of Nottingham
11 1933–34 Charles G Gilmore University of London
12 1934–36 Lincoln Ralphs University of Sheffield
13 1936–38 F Fraser Milne University of London
14 1938–39 R R S Ward University of Sheffield
15 1939–1940 Brian Simon University of Cambridge and University of London
16 1940–41 P A H Rivett University of Leeds
17 1941–42 Sydney Checkland University of Birmingham
18 1942–44 Jack T Allanson University of Manchester
19 1944–46 A T James University of London
20 1946–47 G Mcleavy University of Leeds
21 1947–49 W Bonney Rust University of London
22 1949–1951 Stanley K Jenkins University College, Cardiff
23 1951–52 John M Thompson University of Manchester
24 1952–54 Fred Jarvis University of Oxford
25 1954–56 Frank H Copplestone University of Nottingham
26 1956–58 Roland Freeman University of London
27 1958–1960 Dennis J Grennan University of Southampton
28 1960–62 Gwyn Morgan University of Wales, Aberystwyth
29 1962–64 Aneurin Hughes University of Wales, Aberystwyth
30 1964–66 T William Savage Queen's University of Belfast
31 1966–68 T Geoff Martin Queen's University of Belfast
32 1968–69 Trevor Fisk University of London
33 1969–1971 Jack Straw University of Leeds Radical Student Alliance
34 1971–73 Digby Jacks University of London Left Caucus (CPGB)
35 1973–75 John Randall University of York Independent
36 1975–77 Charles Clarke University of Cambridge Broad Left (NOLS)
37 1977–78 Sue Slipman University of Wales, Lampeter Broad Left (CPGB)
38 1978–1980 Trevor Phillips Imperial College London Broad Left (non-aligned)
39 1980–82 David Aaronovitch University of Manchester Broad Left (Communist Party of Great Britain CPGB)
40 1982–84 Neil Stewart University of Aberdeen NOLS (now Labour Students)
41 1984–86 Phil Woolas University of Manchester NOLS (now Labour Students)
42 1986–88 Vicky Phillips University of East Anglia NOLS (now Labour Students)
43 1988–1990 Maeve Sherlock University of Liverpool NOLS (now Labour Students)
44 1990–92 Stephen Twigg University of Oxford NOLS (now Labour Students)
45 1992–94 Lorna Fitzsimons Loughborough College NOLS (now Labour Students)
46 1994–96 Jim Murphy University of Strathclyde Labour Students
47 1996–98 Douglas Trainer University of Strathclyde Labour Students
48 1998–2000 Andrew Pakes University of Hull Labour Students
49 2000–2002 Owain James University of Warwick Organised Independent
50 2002–04 Mandy Telford University of Strathclyde Labour Students
51 2004–06 Kat Fletcher Sheffield College and University of Leeds Campaign for Free Education (2004–05)
Independent (2005–06)
52 2006–08 Gemma Tumelty Liverpool John Moores University Organised Independent
53 2008–2010 Wes Streeting University of Cambridge Labour Students
54 2010–11 Aaron Porter University of Leicester Organised Independent
55 2011–13 Liam Burns Heriot-Watt University Organised Independent
56 2013–15 Toni Pearce Cornwall College Organised Independent
57 2015–16 Megan Dunn University of Aberdeen Organised Independent
58 2016–17 Malia Bouattia University of Birmingham Liberation Left
59 2017–19 Shakira Martin Lewisham and Southwark College Independent
60 2019–2020 Zamzam Ibrahim University of Salford Liberation Left
61 2020–22 Larissa Kennedy University of Warwick Liberation Left
62 2022 Shaima Dallali

(dismissed in Nov. 2022)

City, University of London Liberation Left

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