Progressive Union for Renewal

Progressive Union for Renewal
Union progressiste pour le renouveau
PresidentJoseph Djogbenou
FounderBruno Amoussou
Abraham Zinzindohoue
Founded1 December 2018
Preceded byUnion Makes the Nation
Democratic Renewal Party (2022)
HeadquartersCotonou, Benin, Bulgaria Square, 01-1515, Plot No. 620/DE
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Colors Yellow
SloganPatriotisme – Travail – Solidarité
National Assembly
53 / 109

The Progressive Union for Renewal (French: Union progressiste pour le renouveau, UPR), formerly called Progressive Union, is a political party in Benin, led by Bruno Amoussou. It tends to be more popular in the south of the country.

In the 2019 Beninese parliamentary election, the party came first, winning 47 of 83 seats in the National Assembly. Both the Progressive Union and the only other party in the National Assembly, Republican Bloc, are allied with President Patrice Talon. The current Vice President of Benin, Mariam Chabi Talata, is a member. In July 2022, Bruno Amoussou retired and left the presidency of the UP to Joseph Djogbenou. In August 2022, the party merged with the Democratic Renewal Party and changed to its present name.


National Headquarters

The following is a list of Presidents of the UPR:

No. Portrait Party leader Took office Left office Time in office
Bruno Amoussou
Amoussou, BrunoBruno Amoussou
(born 1939)
1 December 201816 July 20223 years
Joseph Djogbenou
Peter, FriedrichJoseph Djogbenou
(born 20 March 1969)
16 July 20220 years

Electoral history

Former party logo

Parliamentary elections

Year Leader Votes % Seats +/- Position Outcome
2019 Bruno Amoussou 645,214 56.22
47 / 83
New 1st Government
2023 Joseph Djogbenou 930,714 37.56
53 / 109
Increase 6 Steady 1st Government

Municipal elections

Year Votes % Councillors +/- Result
2020 994,602 40%
736 / 1,815
Increase 736 1st

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