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Public holidays in Argentina

The following are the national public holidays and other observances of Argentina.

Though holidays of many faiths are respected, public holidays usually include most Catholic based holidays. Historic holidays include the celebration of the May Revolution (25 May), Independence Day (9 July), National Flag Day (20 June) and the death of José de San Martín (17 August).

The extended family gathers on Christmas Eve at around 9 p.m. for dinner, music, and often dancing. Candies are served just before midnight, when the fireworks begin. They also open gifts from Papá Noel (Father Christmas or "Santa Claus"). New Year's Day is also marked with fireworks. Other widely observed holidays include Good Friday, Easter, Labor Day (1 May) and Veterans Day (formerly Malvinas Day, 2 April).

Public holidays in 2022

The "movable holidays" whose dates coincide with Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be moved to the previous Monday. Those that coincide with Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be moved to the following Monday. Every employee is entitled to 15 paid public holidays and every year the government adds a few more holidays known as "bridge holidays" which means that a holiday last two days.[citation needed]

Day English name Spanish name Type Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo Immovable Beginning of a new year.
Day 48 and 47 before Easter Carnival Monday and Tuesday Carnaval Movable Dates vary with Easter
March 24 Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia Immovable Anniversary of the coup d'état that started the 1976–1983 National Reorganization Process.
April 2 Day of the Veterans and Fallen of the Falklands War Día del Veterano y de los Caídos en la Guerra de Malvinas Immovable Tribute to the fallen in, and the veterans of, the 1982 Falklands War.
April 15 Good Friday Viernes Santo Movable Christian holiday, date according to lunar calendar.
May 1 Labour Day Día del Trabajador Immovable International holiday.
May 25 May Revolution Día de la Revolución de Mayo Movable Anniversary of the May Revolution in 1810, creation of the First National Government.
June 17 Anniversary of the Passing of General Martín Miguel de Güemes Paso a la Inmortalidad del General Martín Miguel de Güemes Movable Anniversary of the death of Martín Miguel de Güemes, general of the Argentine War of Independence.
June 20 General Manuel Belgrano Memorial Day Paso a la Inmortalidad del General Manuel Belgrano Immovable Anniversary of the death of Manuel Belgrano, creator of the Flag of Argentina.
July 9 Independence Day Día de la Independencia Immovable Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1816.
August 17 General José de San Martín Memorial Day Paso a la Inmortalidad del General José de San Martín Movable Anniversary of the death of José de San Martín, liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru.
October 12 Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural Movable Former "Día de la raza" (English: Race day), anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to the Americas.
November 20 National Sovereignty Day Día de la Soberanía Nacional Movable Anniversary of the 1845 Battle of Vuelta de Obligado against the Anglo-French blockade of the Río de la Plata.
December 8 Immaculate Conception Day Día de la Inmaculada Concepción de María Immovable Christian holiday, conception of the Virgin Mary free from original sin.
December 25 Christmas Navidad Immovable Christian holiday, Nativity of Jesus.

Non-working days

The following are federal non-working national or religious holidays, during which people of the following faiths are excused from work:

Day English name Spanish name Religion Notes
April 11, 12, 17 and 18 Passover Pésaj Judaism Pesach. First two days and last two days. Date according to lunar calendar.
April 13 Holy Thursday Jueves Santo Catholicism Date according to lunar calendar.
April 24 Day of Action for Tolerance and Respect among Peoples Día de Acción por la Tolerancia y el Respeto entre los Pueblos Armenians Commemoration of the Armenian genocide.
June 25 Festival of Breaking of the Fast of the Holy Month of Ramadan Fiesta de la Ruptura del Ayuno del Sagrado Mes de Ramadán Islam Eid al-Fitr. Date according to lunar calendar.
September 1 Festival of Sacrifice Fiesta del Sacrificio Islam Eid al-Adha. Date according to lunar calendar.
September 21 and 22 Jewish New Year Año Nuevo Judío Judaism Rosh Hashanah. Date according to lunar calendar.
September 30 Day of Atonement Día del Perdón Judaism Yom Kippur. Date according to lunar calendar.
October 2 Islamic New Year Año Nuevo Islámico Islam Date according to lunar calendar.

Bicentennial holidays

As part of the celebration of the Independence Day Bicentennial, the following extraordinary and one-time holidays were arranged:

Other observances

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