Public holidays in Colombia

Colombia has 18 holidays (12 Catholic holidays and 6 Civic holidays), plus Palm and Easter Sunday. The city of Barranquilla has 2 extra holidays celebrating Monday and Tuesday of Carnival.

The following are public holidays in Colombia:

  1. Año Nuevo / (New Year's Day) (January 1)
  2. Día de los Reyes Magos / (Epiphany) (January 6[1])
  3. Día de San José / (Saint Joseph's Day) (March 19[1])
  4. Jueves Santo / (Maundy Thursday) (Thursday before Easter Sunday, variable dates in March or April)
  5. Viernes Santo (Good Friday) (Friday before Easter Sunday, variable dates in March or April)
  6. Primero de Mayo / (Labour Day) (May 1)
  7. Ascensión del señor / (Ascension of Jesus) (39 days after Easter Sunday)
  8. Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter Sunday)
  9. Sagrado Corazón /( Sacred Heart) (68 days after Easter Sunday)
  10. San Pedro y San Pablo / Saint Peter and Saint Paul) (June 29)
  11. Declaración de la Independencia de Colombia / Declaration of Independence (July 20)
  12. Battle of Boyacá (August 7)
  13. La Asunción / (Assumption of Mary) (August 15)
  14. Día de la Raza / (Columbus Day) (October 12)
  15. Día de los Santos / All Saints’ Day (November 1)
  16. Independencia de Cartagena / Independence of Cartagena (November 11)
  17. La Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception) (December 8)
  18. Navidad (Christmas) (December 25)

The following are considered holidays only in the city of Barranquilla:

  • Monday of Carnival (48 days before Easter Sunday or 2 days before Ash Wednesday.)
  • Tuesday of Carnival (47 days before Easter Sunday or the day before Ash Wednesday.)

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