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Public holidays in Paraguay

The following are national holidays in Paraguay

Date English Name Local Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day
March 1 National Heroes Day Dia de los héroes Moved to February 27 for 2017, Moved to February 28 for 2022.
March/April Maundy Thursday Jueves Santo Movable, Lunar Calendar. April 13 on 2017.
March/April Good Friday Viernes Santo Movable, Lunar Calendar. April 14 on 2017.
May 1 Labour Day Día de los Trabajadores
May 14 Independence Day Independencia
June 12 Chaco Armistice Day Dia de la Paz del Chaco End of the Chaco War.
August 15 Founding of Asunción Fundación de Asunción Arrival of the Spaniards. Moved to August 14 for 2017.
September 29 Boqueron Battle Victory Day Victoria de Boquerón Chaco War decisive Paraguayan victory. Moved to October 2 for 2017, Moved to October 3 for 2022.
December 8 Virgin of Caacupe Virgen de Caacupé Immaculate Conception
December 25 Christmas Day Día de Navidad

All holidays in Paraguay can be moved by presidential decree, but there has to be a presidential decree for such a change. The following holidays are the exception (dates are fixed and to not change): January 1, May 14, December 8, December 25, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

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