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Public holidays in the Falkland Islands

Public holidays in the Falkland Islands are determined by the Executive Council of the Falkland Islands. There are currently nine annual public holidays in force in the Falklands, with several other observances throughout the year.[1] When a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is carried over to the following Monday.[2]

Public holidays

Date Holiday Notes
1 January New Year's Day
variable Good Friday
21 April Queen's Birthday Observed on the day of the monarch's birth rather than their official birthday.
14 June Liberation Day The anniversary of the liberation of the Falkland Islanders from Argentine military occupation at the end of the Falklands War in 1982.
First Monday in October Peat Cutting Monday Public holiday since 2002.
8 December Battle Day The anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914.
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day
27 December Christmas Holiday Additional public holiday after Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Other observances

Date Holiday Notes
10 January Margaret Thatcher Day The anniversary of the day British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited the Falklands in 1983. Not a public holiday.
14 August Falklands Day The anniversary of the first sighting of the Falkland Islands by John Davis in 1592. Ceased be to a public holiday in 2002 when the Executive Council moved the holiday to provide for the re-introduction of Peat Cutting Monday.
30 December Government Holiday Not public holidays, but days on which all Government Departments (other than those providing essential services) are closed. Should these days fall on the weekend, they are moved to the previous Friday/Thursday.
31 December


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