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2002 Republic of the Congo presidential election

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Nominee Denis Sassou Nguesso Joseph Kignoumbi Kia Mboungou
Popular vote 1,075,247 33,154
Percentage 89.41% 2.76%

President before election

Denis Sassou Nguesso

Elected President

Denis Sassou Nguesso

Presidential elections were held in the Republic of the Congo on 10 March 2002. They followed the country's second civil war (1997-1999), which returned Denis Sassou Nguesso to power, and a subsequent transitional period, in which a new constitution was written and approved by referendum in January 2002.

The election lacked meaningful opposition participation, as the main opposition leaders—particularly former President Pascal Lissouba of the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS) and former Prime Minister Bernard Kolélas of the Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development (MCDDI)—were in exile, prevented from returning to Congo by legal convictions and sentences that were handed down in absentia. The only important opposition figure left to contest the election was former Prime Minister André Milongo of the Union for Democracy and the Republic (UDR), but he withdrew a few days before the election, claiming that it would be fraudulent.

Sassou Nguesso, standing as the candidate of his own Congolese Labour Party (PCT) and a coalition, the United Democratic Forces (FDU), was overwhelmingly elected, receiving nearly 90% of the vote against a field of minor challengers. He was sworn in on 14 August 2002 in a ceremony at the Palace of Congress in Brazzaville in the presence of seven other African heads of state.


Provisional results were announced by the Minister of the Interior, Pierre Oba, on 13 March 2002; final results, which were only slightly different from the provisional results, were proclaimed by the Supreme Court on 29 March. There were 1,733,943 registered voters at the time of the election, 1,295,319 of whom voted. 92,706 votes were invalid, leaving 1,202,611 valid votes. 1,075,247 of those votes went to Sassou Nguesso.

Denis Sassou NguessoPCTFDU1,075,24789.41
Kignomba Kia MbougouPan-African Union for Social Democracy33,1542.76
Angèle BandouParty of the Poor27,8492.32
Jean Félix Demba TeloIndependent20,2521.68
Luc Adamo MatetaConvention for Democracy and Salvation19,0741.59
Come MankasseCongolese Union of Republicans15,0541.25
Bonaventure MizidyRepublican and Liberal Party11,9811.00
Valid votes1,202,61192.84
Invalid/blank votes92,7087.16
Total votes1,295,319100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,733,94374.70
Source: African Elections Database

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