Republican Bloc

Republican Bloc
Bloc Républicain
LeaderAbdoulaye Bio Tchané
Founded8 December 2018
IdeologySocial liberalism
Political positionCentre
Colors Green
SloganLiberté – Travail – Prospérité
National Assembly
28 / 109

The Republican Bloc (French: Bloc Républicain) is a political party in Benin, led by Abdoulaye Bio Tchané. In the 2019 Beninese parliamentary election, the party came in second, winning 36 of 83 seats in the National Assembly. Both the Republican Bloc and the majority-winning Progressive Union are allied with President Patrice Talon.

National party headquarters

Electoral history

Parliamentary elections

Year Votes % Seats +/- Result
2019 502,411 44%
36 / 83
Increase 36 2nd
2023 29%
28 / 109
Decrease 8 2nd

Municipal elections

Year Votes % Councillors +/- Result
2020 930,247 37%
683 / 1,815
Increase 683 2nd

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