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Richard III, Duke of Normandy

Richard III
Richard III of Normandy.png
Duke of Normandy
Reign28 August 1026 – 6 August 1027
PredecessorRichard II
SuccessorRobert I
Died(1027-08-06)6 August 1027
HouseHouse of Normandy
FatherRichard II, Duke of Normandy
MotherJudith of Brittany

Richard III (997/1001 – 6 August 1027) was the duke of Normandy who reigned from August 1026 to his death. His brief reign opened with a revolt by his brother.


Richard III was the eldest son of Richard II of Normandy. Around 1026, Richard was sent by his father in command of a large army to rescue his brother-in-law, Reginald, later Count of Burgundy, by attacking bishop and count Hugh of Chalon, who had captured and imprisoned Reginald in Chalon-sur-Saône.

When Richard II died in August 1026, his eldest son, Richard III became Duke of Normandy. Shortly after his reign began his brother Robert, discontented with his province of Hiemois on the border of Normandy, revolted against his brother. He laid siege to the town of Falaise, but was soon brought to heel by Richard who captured him, then released him on his oath of fealty. No sooner had Richard disbanded his army and returned to Rouen, when he died suddenly (some say suspiciously). The duchy passed to his younger brother Robert I.


In January 1027 he was married to Adela, of a noble lineage. She is usually identified with Adela, a younger daughter of King Robert II of France, who married to Baldwin V, Count of Flanders after Richard's 6 August 1027 death.


Richard's marriage to Adela was childless.

By an unknown woman, he had two children:

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