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GenrePeriod Drama
Written byIfeanyi Barbara Chidi
Directed byJames Omokwe
StarringFrank Konwea
Elvina Ibru
Mimi Chaka
Country of originNigeria
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes260
Executive producerJames Omokwe
ProducerJemila Akinwale
EditorJessica A.
Running time30 minutes
Production companyFeemo
Original networkAfrica Magic
Picture format480p (EDTV)
1080p (HDTV)
Original release28 September 2020 (2020-09-28) –
24 September 2021 (2021-09-24)

Riona (Riy-OW-Naa) is an Africa Magic original period drama set in a 12th Century Itsekiri kingdom. It was directed by James Omokwe. It stars Big Brother Naija season 1 housemate, Frank Konwea, Elvina Ibru, Najite Dede and Mimi Chaka. It premiered on September 28, 2020. It airs on DStv channel 151 and streams on Showmax.

Plot summary

The kingdom of Oyomere is under siege when a prophecy about a child born under the rising of a dark moon is coming to destroy King Ofotonku and bring his reign to an end. This unsettles King Ofotonku and he orders the killing of children born under the dark moon to avert the prophecy, but four of the targeted children survive. Of the four, Tsema and Aghan (Ofotkun's heir) cross paths by chance, for they are children born under the dark moon and destined to bring down Ofotonku's dictatorship. Riona also tells the story of social classes; The highborn Omajaja and the low born Irale and their struggles for freedom.

Cast and characters

Main characters

Frank Konwea as King Ofotonku, a wicked king who crushes anyone who stands in his way, He will do anything to rule forever and he dares to fight the gods when they pronounce harsh judgments upon him. The king loses his temper when he hears about the prophecy. He unwittingly kills his favorite wife, Oniyemofe, in order to save his own life.

Mimi Chaka as Oniyemofe 'Mofe', King Ofotonku's fourth and favourite wife – the one he married for love. Mofe knows her position in the king's life and carries herself with pride especially as the mother of the heir to the throne.

Soibifaa Dokubo as Omereyon, King Ofotonku's most loyal friend who was attached to the king as a young boy. He knows how to handle the King diplomatically.

Amarachukwu Onoh as Prince Atseaghan 'Aghan', is the future king of Oyomere. As the heir to the throne, he learns about his role in the kingdom at a tender age. Aghan despises his father's oppressive leadership and strives to replace it with democracy. He has to sacrifice his relationship with his father and many other people to make his dreams come true.

Jasmine Olarotimi (young) and Maggie Isibor (older) as Oritsemaye 'Tsema', was raised by Aso, a virtuous Irale man despite being highborn. She is raised to lead the rebellion against the monarchy. She is King Ofotonku's worst enemy because she is destined to free the Irale from bondage. Tsema knows her value, and was raised to voice her opinions without fear. A trait that gets her into trouble when Prince Aghan visits the Irale community.

Elvina Ibru as Atigbiolaoye, A shapeshifting witch who resides in the forest of Oyomere and plays a part in ensuring the fulfilment of the prophecy.

Onajite Dede as Arenyeka who is also known as the Oparunmale, the mouthpiece of the gods. She is the first female Oparunmale in Oyomere. She informed King Ofotonku about the looming dark moon and its consequences.

Thelma Nwosu as Queen Idolor, Ofotonku's first wife and a member of the high council.

Olarotimi Fakunle as Aso

Supporting characters

Faith Stanley (younger) and Uche Chika Elumelu (older) as Arubi

Ginikachukwu Tagbo (younger) and Eric Didie (Older) as Edomi

Chukwuebuka Ude (Younger) and Casey Edema (Older) as Abugewa

Jeff Nweke as Toghanro

Jide Alabi as Chief Ofoeyeno

Mena Sodje as Misan

Tope Olowoniyan as Queen Abieyuwa

Chukwu Martin as Agbeyegbe (the god)

Steph Isuma as Queen Arioma

Leo Oji as Tsegboritse

Deborah Nwaohiri as Roli

Preach Bassey as Amaju

Production and release

Riona is set in pre-colonial times of the Itsekiri Kingdom around the 12th century. The Itsekiri people live in the westernmost part of the Niger Delta bounded by the Bight of Benin on the west.

It was listed as one of the top 5 Nigerian TV series of 2020.

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