Roman Catholic Diocese of Oyo

Diocese of Oyo

Dioecesis Oyoensis
Country Nigeria
TerritoryOyo State
Ecclesiastical provinceIbadan
MetropolitanArchbishop of Ibadan
Coordinates7°51′00″N 3°55′59″E / 7.85000°N 3.93306°E / 7.85000; 3.93306
Area18,000 km2 (6,900 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
30,200 (1.5%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteLatin Rite
EstablishedJanuary 18, 1963
CathedralOur Lady of the Assumption Cathedral in Oyo
Secular priests47
Current leadership
BishopMost Rev. Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo
Bishops emeritusJulius Babatunde Adelakun
Oyo is located in Oyo State, shown in red.
Oyo is located in Oyo State, shown in red.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Oyo (Latin: Oyoën(sis)) is a Latin suffragan diocese in the Ecclesiastical province of Ibadan, Nigeria. It still depends on the missionary Roman Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.


The Apostolic Prefecture of Oyo was erected on territory split from the Apostolic Vicariate of Lagos on March 3, 1949. On January 18, 1963 it was promoted to the Diocese of Oyo, with the Archdiocese of Ibadan as its Metropolitan. On March 3, 1995, portions of the Diocese were removed to the Diocese of Osgobo.

Special churches

The bishops' seat is Oyo Cathedral, otherwise the cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Oyo.


In 2014, it pastorally served 36,542 Roman Catholics (1.7% of the population) in a 18,000 km2 (6,900 sq mi) area, mostly Muslim. It has 28 parishes and 3 missions with 51 priests (48 diocesan, 3 religious), 44 lay religious (3 brothers, 41 sisters) and 17 seminarians. As of 2004, it consisted of 26 parishes served by 47 priests and 43 religious.


(all Roman Rite)

Apostolic Prefect of Oyo
  • Father Owen McCoy, White Fathers (M. Afr.) (1 April 1949 – 18 January 1963 see below )
Suffragan Bishops of Oyo

Coadjutor Bishop

Auxiliary Bishops

Other priests of this diocese who became bishops

  • Gabriel ’Leke Abegunrin, appointed Bishop of Osogbo in 1995
  • Francis Obafemi Adesina (priest, 1989-1995), appointed Bishop of Ijebu-Ode in 2019
  • Paul Adegboyega Olawoore, appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Ilorin in 2018
  • John Akinkunmi Oyejola, appointed Bishop of Osogbo in 2016

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