Roonka Conservation Park

Roonka Conservation Park
South Australia
Roonka Conservation Park is located in South Australia
Roonka Conservation Park
Roonka Conservation Park
Nearest town or cityBlanchetown[2]
Coordinates34°18′05″S 139°38′10″E / 34.3014°S 139.6361°E / -34.3014; 139.6361Coordinates: 34°18′05″S 139°38′10″E / 34.3014°S 139.6361°E / -34.3014; 139.6361s[1]
Established27 July 1978 (1978-07-27)[3]
Area1.02 km2 (0.4 sq mi)[4]
Managing authoritiesDepartment for Environment and Water
See alsoProtected areas of South Australia

Roonka Conservation Park is a protected area in the Australian state of South Australia located in the gazetted locality of Blanchetown about 5.8 kilometres (3.6 mi) north of the Blanchetown town centre.[2]

The conservation park is located on land in sections 4 and 5 in the cadastral unit of the Hundred of Hay on the western side of the Murray River.[2][3] It was constituted under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 on 27 July 1978.[3] As of July 2016, the conservation park covered an area of 1.02 square kilometres (0.39 sq mi).[4][2]

In 1980, it was described as follows:[5]

Roonka Conservation Park contains a most important archaeological site, spanning about 18,000 years. It has yielded evidence of an extremely wide variety of mortuary practices, a large range of archaeological phenomena and a long cultural sequence. The site has been excavated over more than a decade by the South Australian Museum.

The conservation park is classified as an IUCN Category III protected area.[1] In 1980, it was listed on the now-defunct Register of the National Estate.[5]

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