Russell Street, Melbourne

Russell Street

Former Russell Street Police Headquarters
Russell Street, Melbourne is located in Melbourne
Russell Street
Russell Street
General information
Major junctions
North endVictoria Street
 La Trobe Street
Lonsdale Street
Nicholson Street
Bourke Street
Collins Street
South endFlinders Street
Suburb(s)Melbourne CBD
Former Melbourne Magistrate's Court on the corner of Russell and La Trobe Streets

Russell Street is a main street and thoroughfare in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia. It runs roughly north-south and was laid out as a core feature of the Hoddle Grid in 1837.[1]

Russell Street is named after John Russell, British Home Secretary and leader of the House of Commons in Lord Melbourne's cabinet. Russell himself was also a future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.[2][3]


Russell Street runs roughly north-south and is located one block east of the city's central thoroughfare of Swanston Street.

At its southern end, the street intersects with Flinders Street and Federation Square, while at its northern end it becomes Lygon Street, the main street of Melbourne's Little Italy.

Notable buildings

Russell Street is lined with established trees and is the home of numerous public amenities and buildings. Noteworthy structures include:

The street is also home to many buildings featured on the Victorian Heritage Register or classified by the National Trust of Australia, including:

Russell Street Bombing

On 27 March 1986, a car bomb was detonated on Russell Street near the Police Headquarters. Constable Angela Taylor died and 21 others were injured in what was described as a ‘revenge attack' on Melbourne police, perpetrated by Stanley Taylor and Craig Minogue.[5]


Russell street is partly serviced by Melbourne Bus routes 200 and 207.

Whilst the street does not have tram lines or train stations located on it, it is easily reached by public transport via Parliament railway station, Flinders Street railway station and Melbourne Central railway station. It also intersects with several streets which are serviced by Melbourne tramlines, including Victoria Street, La Trobe Street, Bourke Street, Collins Street and Flinders Street.

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