Scuola Superiore Studi Pavia IUSS

Institute for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia
MottoSapere aude
Motto in English
Dare to know
PresidentProf. Michele Di Francesco
Academic staff
ca. 22 (plus 300 hosted every year)
Administrative staff
ca. 42
Studentsca. 350 (2007)
Undergraduatesca. 77 every year
AffiliationsConferenza Collegi Universitari Legalmente Riconosciuti

The Scuola Superiore IUSS or the "Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori" of Pavia (Eng. IUSS - School for Advanced Studies) is a higher learning institute located in Pavia, Italy.

The Scuola Superiore IUSS was founded in 1997 by the University of Pavia - one of the most ancient universities in the world - the Borromeo College and the Ghislieri College, and it is supported by the Italian Minister of Education. The IUSS reunites all the university colleges of Pavia, forming the Pavia Study System, including the Collegio Borromeo and the Collegio Ghislieri, founded in the 16th century. There are only three other comparable institutions in Italy: the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. It is a both a learning and research center, offering its students supplementary courses to enhance the regular university curriculum.[citation needed]

Areas of research

Four different areas of research are developed at the Scuola Superiore IUSS Pavia providing a strong international network of scientists:

  • humanities
  • social sciences
  • biomedical sciences
  • science and technology


Three types of courses are offered:

  • Undergraduate courses open, on a merit base, to the most promising students of Pavia University.
  • II Level University Master degrees providing a strong international approach.
  • PhD Degrees providing an interdisciplinary point of view and exposure to cutting edge research.


45°11′05″N 9°09′17″E / 45.1847°N 9.1546°E / 45.1847; 9.1546

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