Silesian University of Technology

Silesian University of Technology
Politechnika Śląska
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Latin: Silesia Universitas Technologica
EstablishedMay 24, 1945 (1945-05-24)
RectorProfessor Arkadiusz Mężyk
Students21,366 (2016)
Location, ,
CampusUrban campuses in 3 cities
University rankings
Regional – Overall
QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia95 (2022)

The Silesian University of Technology (Polish name: Politechnika Śląska; Polish pronunciation: [pɔliˈtɛxɲika ˈɕlɔ̃ska]) is a university located in the Polish province of Silesia, with most of its facilities in the city of Gliwice. It was founded in 1945 by Polish professors of the Lwow Polytechnic, who were forced to leave their native city and move to the Recovered Territories (see also Kresy). In 2023, the prestigious Perspektywy Foundation ranked it as 6th best university of technology and 12th overall in Poland.

Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation


Silesian University of Technology is organized into 13 faculties and 1 research institute:

Ten of these are situated in Gliwice, two in Katowice and two in Zabrze.


University rankings
Global – Overall
THE World1001+ (2020)

The university is affiliated with the following organizations:

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