Skimmer (utensil)

A skimmer from 1830. The handle of the skimmer is decoratively stamped, especially around the name "W Werntz". There is a layer of what seems to be brass in the middle of the handle length. The tip of the handle is bent around to form a loop.
Skimmer, 1830
A metallic skimmer.
Metal hand-held (ladle-style) skimmers come in a large variety of forms, five of which are shown here.

A skimmer is a flat, sieve-like scoop or spoon used for skimming cooking liquids or lifting ripened cream from milk, such as a spider used in Chinese cuisine.

Skimmers are widely used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In India, the skimmer is known as a "jhara" and is used in different cuisines, most actively in the making of fried foods such as sweets. Local street food stalls use it to make fried food items like bondas and medu vadas. In these countries, different types of skimmers can be obtained based on their use cases.

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