Solar Power International

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Solar Power International is a solar power conference created in 2004, when the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) merged to organize an annual event bringing together companies and professionals from the solar industry. In 2008 it was touted as the largest solar power conference in North America. Previously called Solar Power Conference and Expo, it consists of two main elements: an exhibition hall where companies have booths to promote their products and services; and conference sessions where panels of solar industry experts share ideas and success stories. The 2018 event included hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The 2019 conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 23-26.


Solar Power International is attended by professionals in the solar industry who are builders, project developers, installers, distributors, engineering firms, investors and financiers, service providers, law firms, equipment manufacturers, and manufacturers of tools for equipment manufacturing. Representatives from utilities also attend the conference as well as Government representatives, policymakers, and the press.

Members of the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Solar Electric Power Association receive discounts on registration.

The majority of attendees of Solar Power International come from the United States, however there are a large number of attendees from major solar markets such as China, Japan, and Germany.

Conference Sessions

The conference sessions at Solar Power International are traditionally separated by topic into different tracks. Typical tracks are technical, marketing & sales, market conditions, finance, and politics. There are generally over 70 sessions over the four-day conference.

Start-Up Alley

Start-Up Alley, located on the Expo floor, is a dedicated area specifically designed to promote up-and-coming ideas and companies in the solar industry. It was added to the conference features in 2013.

Past Conferences

Year Venue Attendance
2004 San Francisco, CA, USA
2005 Washington, DC, USA
2006 San Jose, California, USA
2007 Long Beach, California, USA 12,500
2008 San Diego, California, USA 23,200
2009 Anaheim, California, USA 24,000
2010 Los Angeles, California, USA 23,300
2011 Dallas, Texas, USA 25,000
2012 Orlando, Florida, USA 21,000
2013 Chicago, Illinois, USA 13,000
2014 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 12,000
2015 Anaheim, California, USA 15,000
2016 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 18,000
2017 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 20,000
2018 Anaheim, CA, USA 19,000
2019 Salt Lake City, UT, USA 19,000

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