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Soul Muzik
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GenreHip-hop, Rap, R&B
Country of originNigeria

Soul Muzik is a Nigerian entertainment company founded in 2008. It is co-owned by award-winning singer-songwriter Darey. Three albums have been released by Soul Muzik including four singles: "Lolola", "Totally Yours" (which features Wayne Wonder), "Smile" and "Never Going Down" by signees Zaina Agoro and Mo Eazy respectively.


Although birthed and rooted in Nigeria, Soul Muzik has branches and affiliates in the United States and the United Kingdom. In early 2009, Soul Muzik hired Dick Griffey (former Soul Train Executive) as label chairman. Mr Giffey has millions of album sales worldwide to his credit through his label SOLAR Records, and forged the careers of musical artists such as multi-platinum hip hop producer Dr. Dre, Babyface, Edmonds Antonio and L.A. Reid to name a few. Dick Griffey offered to produce Darey’s third album, but died before the project was completed.

Using the power of music, entertainment and culture to contribute positively to the development of Africa, Soul Muzik gives musical talent from the continent of Africa a voice on the world stage.[citation needed]

Soul Muzik is home to co-owner Darey himself and most recently, Mo Eazy[1] and Zaina Agoro.[2]

The latest release under the company is a new single by Darey titled "Special Fever"[3] and a brand new video by Zaina Agoro featuring Wayne Wonder titled "Totally Yours".[4]


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