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The Libraries Tasmania headquarters in Hobart
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Hobart Library, also known as the State Library of Tasmania, is the main library and headquarters of the library system known as Libraries Tasmania, in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

Libraries Tasmania

Libraries Tasmania was formerly known as LINC Tasmania. LINC operated the former separate entities of the State Library of Tasmania, the Archives Office of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Adult Education service, and the Tasmanian Communities Online, as part of the Tasmanian Department of Education.[1][2][3] The name changed to Libraries Tasmania in mid 2018.[4]

The headquarters of the Libraries Tasmania, also known as the State Reference Library, is located at the corner of Murray and Bathurst Street in Hobart.

Lending libraries

The Libraries Tasmania administers and funds all public libraries in Tasmania. There are 7 city/suburban lending libraries and 39 smaller branch libraries located in the main cities, regional and rural centres throughout the state. All libraries share a single catalogue and the collection circulates freely between the libraries.

State Reference Library

Located on the second floor of the Hobart library building, Murray Street, Hobart, the State Reference Library contains over 200,000 books, periodicals, maps and directories. Items in the catalogue not located on the library floor can be retrieved by library staff from an area called the Stack within 30 minutes.

Reference and research services are provided to on-site and off-site clients using a range of print and online resources.

The Ask a Librarian service provides clients with access to virtual and online enquiry services.

Heritage Collections

The library operates several collections and archives of historical publications and documents, particularly those related to Tasmania. In addition, the library maintains a newspaper index, an image library and a sheet music database [5]

Tasmaniana Library

A collection of historical and modern published material related to Tasmania, in a range of formats from paper to digital. All Tasmanian-related material is collected including all works published in Tasmania, all works published about Tasmania, and all works by Tasmanian authors.[6][7]

W.L. Crowther Library

A collection of historical books, documents, photographs, works of art and objects collected by Sir William Crowther, whose great-grandfather arrived in Hobart in 1825. The library contains about 15,000 books and manuscripts, as well as photographs and artworks, and whaling ephemera including a collection of scrimshaw.[8][9][10]

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts

Another collection of historical material, bequeathed to the people of Tasmania by the Allport family to the library in 1965. It includes about 6,000 books, and outstanding collection of about 2,500 colonial-era artworks (by family members and others) and collections of Georgian era furniture, British, French and Chinese porcelain.[11][12]


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