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VenueMillennium Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio
Location(s)Cincinnati, Ohio
CountryUnited States of America
Years active10
Most recent2020
Next event2021
AreaGreater Cincinnati
Organised byINTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati
Filing statusNon-profit
WebsiteOfficial Website
Current Theme (2021): Illuminate

TechOlympics is an information technology (IT) conference for high school students. It connects students with IT professionals and with companies in order to promote the field of IT. The conference is held in the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event is run by the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, a non-profit organization seeking to empower students through a robust knowledge of IT. Colleges and other organizations are present at the event as well. Schools often attend as groups, but individual attendance is also permitted. The conference takes place over the course of one weekend, starting of Friday and going until midday Sunday. The events that take place during the conference fall into one of four categories: a Breakout, a Competition, a Showcase Demonstration, or a Speaker Presentation. However, there are other events that do not fit into one of these categories. Each year, the theme of the conference changes, and as such, so do the Breakouts and competitions offered, as well as the speakers presenting.[1][2][3][4]


TechOlymipcs offers the opportunity for students to learn from professionals through Breakouts. Breakouts are talks that typically last one hour long and generally focus on IT. A selected list of topics covered in past Breakouts is provided below.


TechOlympics is home to many competitions ranging from Wikiracing to competitive hacking. Below is a selected list of competitions.[5]

Showcase Demonstrations

A showcase project is large project that a group of students, often from the same school, take part in working on, in order to present the project to a panel of judges. This project is in competition with other projects to be the best project submitted. Winning this event is seen as a very important feat during the conference.

Speaker Presentations

Generally, after each meal, students will hear from a speaker, often one with an IT background, that discusses the merits of entering the IT field.


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