ThetaHealing (Theta Healing) is a process of meditation[1][2] that was developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal and teaches people to develop natural intuition through changing their brain wave cycle to the more relaxed theta waves for the intention of exploring how emotional energy affects a persons health.[3][4]


ThetaHealing is usually administered in the form of individual sessions in which the practitioner certified in the technique sits directly opposite the person, and initially attends to the person by listening, using intuitive senses such as empathy and probing questions. They may conduct a session long-distance through telephone or over the internet via webcam and voice.[5][6] The ThetaHealing technique is based on the theory that the beliefs in a person's conscious and unconscious mind directly impact their emotional well-being, which may impact their physical health. The practitioner uses a method of meditation which tunes into a persons energy with the aim to improve their general well-being and health by freeing, as Vianna Stibal states, negative experiences, blocking thought patterns or genetically inherited patterns to create positive emotional wellbeing.[7][8][2][2][9] The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.


A distinction is made between different consecutive ThetaHealing training levels, from the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper practitioners, which provides the foundation to use the technique as a practitioner,[10][11] to other courses such as Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations and Growing your Relationships 1-4. Instructors of the ThetaHealing technique can choose to complete the Masters[12] and Certificate of Science.[13]


ThetaHealing's philosophy is what Vianna Stibal calls "the seven planes of existence". According to her, these levels of existence build a framework to show the importance of the "Creator of all that is” (whose upper level is also described as the "Place of perfect love"). In addition, practitioners and instructors of the technique are open to everyone, regardless of the person's origin or religion.[14]


The creator of the method, Vianna Stibal, has been found unanimously guilty of fraud by an Idaho court and was sentenced to pay $100,000 in punitive damages.[15]

The philosophy of ThetaHealing has been criticized due to its esoteric and faith-based nature as well as an overwhelming lack of evidence of the effectiveness of the methods.[16] The ThetaHealing method has also been questioned by some practitioners of alternative medicine, as it is not one of their health care practices or related to any of the clinical methods of health treatment.[17]


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