Troughton Rocks

Troughton Rocks
Location of Snow Island in the South Shetland Islands
Troughton Rocks is located in Antarctica
Troughton Rocks
Troughton Rocks
Location of Troughton Rocks
Troughton Rocks is located in South Shetland Islands
Troughton Rocks
Troughton Rocks
Troughton Rocks (South Shetland Islands)
Coordinates62°44′42″S 61°33′23″W / 62.74500°S 61.55639°W / -62.74500; -61.55639
ArchipelagoSouth Shetland Islands
Area27 ha (67 acres)
Length315 m (1033 ft)
Width120 m (390 ft)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty
Topographic map of Livingston, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands

Troughton Rocks (Bulgarian: скали Трутън, romanizedskali Troughton, IPA: [skɐˈli ˈtrutən]) are the group of rocks off the northwest extremity of Snow Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica lying in an aquatory of 27 ha that is 315 m long in east-west direction and 120 m wide. The vicinity was visited by early 19th century sealers.

The feature is named after Edward Troughton (1753-1835), a British instrument maker who improved the theodolite design; in association with other names in the area deriving from the early development or use of geodetic instruments and methods.


Troughton Rocks are centred at 62°44′42″S 61°33′23″W / 62.74500°S 61.55639°W / -62.74500; -61.55639Coordinates: 62°44′42″S 61°33′23″W / 62.74500°S 61.55639°W / -62.74500; -61.55639, which is 2.7 km west-northwest of Byewater Point. British mapping in 1968.

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