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University of Brescia
Università degli Studi di Brescia
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Latin: Universitas·Studiorum·Brixiæ
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The University of Brescia (Italian: Università degli Studi di Brescia) is an Italian public research university located in Brescia, Italy. It was founded in 1982 and is branched in 4 Faculties.

The University of Brescia was officially established in 1982 with three Schools: Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Economics and Business. However, the creation phase lasted nearly two decades, so the first attempts to open university courses in Brescia go back to the 1960s.


A first initiative came from Ethan Doro, which opened negotiations in the early 1960s to set up a two-year course in Engineering as a branch of Politecnico di Milano. The excessive financial requirements caused the project to lapse. After this first attempt, the creation of the future Schools of Brescia moved along two distinct paths, one concerning the School of Economics, the other those of Engineering and Medicine. In the field of economic studies, in 1964 a School of Industrial Administration was created, offering two-year courses. The creation of the Schools of Engineering and Medicine had a different history. The idea of setting up a university pole in Brescia, following the first failed attempt in the early 1960s, regained strength in the second half of the decade with the birth of the Consorzio Universitario Bresciano (CUB), promoted by the Provincial Administration, the Municipality of Brescia and the Chamber of Commerce.


The University of Brescia is divided into four main areas and provides the following post-secondary academic degrees:

Economics Engineering Law Medicine and Surgery
  • First cycle (Laurea) :
    • Banking and Finance
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
  • Second cycle (Laurea Magistrale) :
    • Business Consultancy and Training for Professionals
    • Management
    • Money, Finance and Risk Management
Third cycle (PhD):
    • Analytics in Economics and Management
  • First cycle (Laurea) :
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
    • Environmental and Land Engineering
    • Industrial Automation Engineering
    • Management Engineering
    • Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Second cycle (Laurea Magistrale) :
    • Architectural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Communication Technologies and Multimedia
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Industrial Automation Engineering
    • Land and Environmental Engineering
    • Management Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering of Materials
  • First cycle (Laurea) :
    • Employment and Company Legal Advisor
  • Second cycle (Laurea Magistrale) :
    • Law
  • First cycle (Laurea) :
    • Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
    • Biotechnologies
    • Dental Hygiene
    • Dietistic
    • Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques
    • Exercise and Sport Sciences
    • Health Assistance
    • Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques
    • Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Physiotherapy
    • Professional Education
    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Second cycle (Laurea Magistrale) :
    • Medical Biotechnology
    • Medicine and Surgery
    • Nursing and Midwifery Sciences
    • School of Dentistry
    • Science and Technology for Population Health and Wealth
    • Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities

Notable people


  • Augusto Preti (7 November 1983 – 11 November 2010)
  • Sergio Pecorelli (11 November 2010 – 31 October 2016)
  • Maurizio Tira (1 November 2016 – 31 October 2022)
  • Francesco Castelli (since 1 November 2022)

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