University of Calabria

University of Calabria
Università della Calabria
RectorProf. Nicola Leone
Administrative staff
Studentsca 35,000
Sports teamsCUS Cosenza
WebsiteOfficial website

The University of Calabria (Italian: Università della Calabria, UNICAL) is a state-run university in Italy. Located in Arcavacata, a hamlet of Rende and a suburb of Cosenza, the university was founded in 1972. Among its founders there were Beniamino Andreatta, Giorgio Gagliani, Pietro Bucci and Paolo Sylos Labini. It currently has about 35,000 students, 800 teaching and research staff and about 700 administrative staff.


The Campus of the University of Calabria was originally designed by Vittorio Gregotti and Dänen Martensson. The buildings are situated along a suspension bridge, which is currently 1.3 kilometres long. As in British and North-American campuses, students live in specific residential blocks near the University. The institution is situated in the hills near Arcavacata, a small village at 10 km from Cosenza, and 4 km from the city center of Rende.


The University is organized in the following departments:

  • Biology, ecology and geosciences
  • Chemistry and chemical technologies
  • Culture, education and society
  • Pharmacy, health and nutritional sciences
  • Physics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer, modeling, electronics and systems engineering
  • Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering
  • Environment engineering
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Business and Law
  • Economics, Statistics and Finance
  • Political and Social Sciences
  • Humanities


Reparto corse

The Unical reparto corse is a project of The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Management and Energy (DIMEG) that started in 2005. The group involves students and professors applying the knowledge gained in their studies to develop race cars that compete in European races.

Points of interest

  • Botanical Garden
  • Museum of Paleontology
  • Arts, Music and Entertainment Center
  • Sports Center

List of Honoris Causa Degrees awarded by the University of Calabria

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