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University of Burgundy
Université de Bourgogne
Former name
University of Dijon (1722-1984)
Established1722; 302 years ago (1722)
Budget242 million €
RectorAlain Bonnin
Administrative staff
2,774 including 1,519 professors. 2,700 adjunct professors
Location, ,
47°18′45″N 5°4′15″E / 47.31250°N 5.07083°E / 47.31250; 5.07083

The University of Burgundy (French: Université de Bourgogne, uB; formerly known as University of Dijon) is a public university located in Dijon, France.

The University of Burgundy is situated on a large campus (more than 150 ha) in the eastern part of Dijon called Campus Montmuzard, about 15 minutes by tram from the city centre. The humanities and sciences are well represented on the main campus, along with law, medicine, and literature in separate buildings. The IUT (Institute of technology) is also on the campus, providing specialist higher level diplomas in business, biology, communications and computer science.

The university counts 10 faculties, 4 engineering schools, 3 institutes of technology offering undergraduate courses, and 2 professional institutes providing post-graduate programmes.

With numerous student societies and good support services for international and disabled students, the campus is a welcoming place with numerous CROUS restaurants and canteens providing subsidised food and snacks.


The university was founded in 1722 by King Louis XV. Initially there was only the law faculty but from 1805 to 1809 faculties of science, arts, and medicine were added by Napoleon.


In 2018, the number of students was 30,917 divided into six areas, Dijon, Auxerre, Chalon-sur-Saône, Le Creusot, Mâcon and Nevers. The territorial areas (Dijon excepted) receive about 89% of the total of students. There are about 2,783 foreign students in 2018. 66% of the students are from Burgundy.

The CIEF (Centre International d'Études Françaises) allows students at all proficiency levels to immerse themselves in French language classes.

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