University of Donja Gorica

University of Donja Gorica
MottoBudite dio istorije budućnosti!
Established2007; 14 years ago (2007)
ProvostĐorđije Borozan
RectorVeselin Vukotić
Donja Gorica bb, 81000 Podgorica
42°25′03″N 19°12′10″E / 42.417532°N 19.202832°E / 42.417532; 19.202832Coordinates: 42°25′03″N 19°12′10″E / 42.417532°N 19.202832°E / 42.417532; 19.202832
ColorsOrange green
AffiliationsCrnogorska studentska liga
SportsFutsal, Basketball, Handball, Table tennis, Tennis, Gym, Athletics, Swimming
Udg moto.png

The University of Donja Gorica (Montenegrin and Serbian: Univerzitet Donja Gorica / Универзитет Доња Горица), also known as simply UDG is a private university located in Donja Gorica, a suburb of Podgorica, Montenegro. The University was established in 2007, as the second private university in Montenegro. Its building covers an area of 16,700 m2 and currently represents the largest privately owned facility in the country.


The University comprises the following 13 faculties:

The Centre for Foreign Languages is also a part of the University.

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