University of Hassan II Casablanca

Hassan II University of Casablanca
جامعة الحسن الثاني بالدارالبیضاء
Université Hassan II de Casablanca
EstablishedUnknown, teaching existed since 1975; 48 years ago (1975)
Academic affiliations
Endowment£1.03 billion (inc. colleges)
Students119 303
Other students

33°32′29″N 7°35′59″W / 33.5414°N 7.59972°W / 33.5414; -7.59972
Colours Blue
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Hassan II University of Casablanca (UH2C) (Arabic: جامعة الحسن الثاني بالدار البیضاء‎; French: Université Hassan II de Casablanca), established in 1975, is a public university which is the result of a recent merger since 1 September 2014 of two universities: Hassan II University Ain Chock - Casablanca and the Hassan II University Mohammedia.


There are over 24,000 total students, including local and foreign. Full-time faculty teachers and professors are over eleven hundred, making it the third largest university in Morocco. Official staff total 850 people.

Arabic and French are the languages of tuition at the university. For some disciplines such as law, international law and international relations, and for PhD students, it is necessary to know both French and Arabic. Technical courses, however, are offered in French only . The university is a member of the International Association of Research Universities (IARU). Foreign students are largely from French-speaking countries: Senegal, Congo Republic, DR Congo, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, and France are the main sources.


The Library of Mohammad Sykat spans six floors with a total area of 7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft). It has 40,000 textbooks, and 20,000 electronic online journals are available for students. There are 550 ancient manuscripts and 600 books, with 100 periodicals. The School of Law Library has 25 thousand books in the fields of law and political science and economics.


University rankings
Global – Overall
THE World1001+ (2020)
USNWR Global557 (2020)

According to the webometrics of Hassan II University of Casablanca has a world ranking of 2091, sixth in Morocco, and 36th in north Africa.

The faculties

  • Faculty of Law, economic and social sciences. (located in Casablanca, Aïn Chock)

Number of students: Approx 10000

  • Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca

Number of students: 4200

  • Faculty of Dentistry Casablanca (MunicipalityAïn Chock)
  • Faculty of Sciences Aîn Chock Casablanca (MunicipalityAïn Chock)

Number of students: 2800

Number of students: 9300 (MunicipalityAïn Chock)

  • Graduate School of Technology Casablanca (EST)

Number of students: 830

  • School of Mechanical Engineering

Number of students: 590

  • National School of Business and Management of Casablanca (ENCG Casablanca), located in Aïn Sbâa has been created in 2007 and is already eighth best establishment and third best business school in the country.


  • École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et des Métiers Casablanca (ENSAM)
  • Graduate School of Technology (EST)
  • École nationale supérieure d'électricité et de mécanique (ENSEM)
  • school of natural (ENS)
  • National School of Business and Management of Casablanca|École nationale de commerce et de gestion de Casablanca (ENCG Casablanca)

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Notable alumni

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