Val (given name)

Val is a variant of the feminine given name Valerie or the masculine given names Valene, Valentine, Valen, or Valens.

Notable people

  • Val Ackerman (born 1959), American attorney, former basketball player, and first president of the Women's National Basketball Association
  • Val A. Browning (1895–1994), American industrialist, philanthropist, and third generation gun innovator
  • Val Bennett (died 1991), Jamaican tenor saxophonist and jazz and roots reggae musician
  • Val Doonican (1927–2015), Irish singer
  • Val Gielgud (1900–1981), English actor, writer, director and broadcaster
  • Val Guest (1911–2006), British film director
  • Val Harris (1884–?), Irish football and Gaelic football player
  • Val Kilmer (born 1959), American actor
  • Val Lewton (1904–1951), American film director
  • Val Lehman (born 1943) Australian actress
  • Val Mayerik (born 1950), American comic-book and commercial artist, co-creator of Marvel Comics' character Howard the Duck
  • Val McDermid (born 1955), Scottish crime novelist
  • Val Peterson (1903–1983), American politician and 26th Governor of Nebraska
  • Val Valentino (born 1956), American magician, illusionist, and actor
  • Val Venis, ring name of Canadian professional wrestler, Sean Morley
  • Val (sculptor), born Valérie Goutard

Fictional characters

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