Vala halt

Vala halt

Apeadeiro de Vala
Coordinates37°10′30.9″N 8°25′35.8″W / 37.175250°N 8.426611°W / 37.175250; -8.426611Coordinates: 37°10′30.9″N 8°25′35.8″W / 37.175250°N 8.426611°W / 37.175250; -8.426611
Owned byInfraestruturas de Portugal
Line(s)Linha do Algarve
Opened1 February 1902

Vala, originally spelt Valla, is a closed halt on the Algarve line in the Silves municipality, Portugal. It is part of the section from Silves to Ferragudo, which opened on the 15th of February 1903.[1]


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