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Valentín Elizalde

Valentín Elizalde
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Background information
Birth nameValentin Elizalde Valencia
Born(1979-02-01)1 February 1979
Jitonhueca, Etchojoa Municipality, Sonora, Mexico[1]
Died25 November 2006(2006-11-25) (aged 27)
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico
GenresRegional Mexican

Valentín Elizalde Valencia (Spanish: [balenˈtin eliˈsalde βaˈlensja]; 1 February 1979 – 25 November 2006) was a Regional Mexican singer. Known by the nickname "El Gallo de Oro" (The Golden Rooster), his biggest hits included: "Vete Ya," "Ebrio de Amor", " Vete Con Él", "Vuelve Cariñito", "Cómo Me Duele", "Vencedor", " Mi Virgencita", and "Soy Así".[2] Some of his songs were narcocorridos eulogizing Mexican drug lords like Vicente Carrillo Fuentes. He was allegedly murdered in an ambush by members of the drug trafficking gang Los Zetas, which at that time served as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.[3][4]

Personal life

Elizalde was born in Jitonhueca, village near of the city of Etchojoa, Sonora. He then moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco and later to Guasave, Sinaloa where he, his father (also a singer), Everardo "Lalo" Elizalde, nicknamed "El Gallo" (The Rooster), and brothers resided for a few years. His father died in a car accident on the so-called "Curva de la muerte" (Curve of Death) in the city of Villa Juárez, Sonora. Elizalde's ex-wife, Blanca Vianey Durán Brambila, was murdered on June 20, 2016 in Cajeme, Sonora.[5]


In 2007, Elizalde was nominated posthumously for the Grammy Awards.


On November 25, 2006, Elizalde’s vehicle was gunned down shortly after leaving a concert in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Elizalde, 27, was killed, along with his chauffeur and his assistant. [6] It is widely believed that Elizalde was killed due to his concert performance of the corrido, "A Mis Enemigos", which contains lyrics believed to antagonize drug trafficking gang Los Zetas.[7] Raúl Hernández Barrón, alleged murderer of Elizalde and member of Los Zetas, was arrested on 22 March 2008, in Coatzintla, Veracruz.[4]


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