Westfield Garden City

Westfield Garden City
LocationUpper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane Australia
Coordinates27°33′50″S 153°05′00″E / 27.56389°S 153.08333°E / -27.56389; 153.08333Coordinates: 27°33′50″S 153°05′00″E / 27.56389°S 153.08333°E / -27.56389; 153.08333
DeveloperScentre Group[1]
ManagementScentre Group
OwnerScentre Group
No. of stores and services470
No. of anchor tenants11
Total retail floor area142,835 m2 (1,537,460 sq ft)
No. of floors2
Parking6,254 spaces


Westfield Garden City, better known as Garden City, is one of Brisbane's major shopping centres, located in the suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt. The centre is operated by Westfield, and previously operated by AMP Limited before the takeover in 2003. The shopping centre currently has 470 specialty stores, cafes, restaurants and other services and food vendors.

Within the centre is a post office and a Brisbane City Council public library. Another notable feature of Garden City is the Town Square, which is an outdoor dining area featuring coffee shops, restaurants and an Event cinemas complex.


Garden city main entrance

Garden City was constructed by Hooker Projects and pre-sold to the department store company David Jones Ltd in 1960.[2] Opened on 1 October 1970, Garden City featured a 3 level David Jones department Store, a 2 level McDonnell and East department store, a 1 level Woolworths family store and a Brisbane City Council library. One of the highlights of the opening day was a helicopter drop of a thousand ping pong balls some of which contained notes for prizes to be won. Thousands of shoppers ran through the car park on the northern side of the centre trying to catch a prize ball.

Over the years there have been a number of changes and expansions to Garden City. Below is a brief summary of these changes.

In 1980 an extension was added to the eastern end of the centre. This featured additional major and specialty stores. A food court was added to the centre adjacent to the main court in 1982.

In 1986 an extension was added to the southern part of the 1980 extension. This new extension added a Super Kmart Hypermarket to the centre plus additional specialty stores.

1990 brought a number of major store changes to the centre. The McDonnell and East department store closed due to the retailer going into receivership. Its space was split into two with the toy store Toys 'R' Us occupying one half and the Brisbane City Council library relocating to the other from its original space. Around this time, discount department store Venture closed due to the retailer going into receivership. Also, due to Coles-Myer retiring the Super Kmart concept, the store at Garden City was divided into a Kmart discount department store and Coles supermarket.

In 1998, David Jones relocated from its original location to a new 2 level store that was built on the site of the original Woolworths store. Woolworths relocated to a new store that was built on a second level that was added to the 1980 extension. The original David Jones store was converted into a multi level car park. A Big-W discount department store opened as part of a new second level on the 1986 extension.

In 2000, the outdoor dining and entertainment precinct known as Town Square was added. As part of this expansion, a 16 screen Birch Carroll and Coyle Megaplex (now Event Cinemas) opened on the northern end of the centre.

In 2003 an expansion was added to the west of the 1986 extension which added a new mall on the first level where the Coles supermarket was located. The Coles supermarket relocated to the end of this new mall. Harvey Norman opened a store on the second level which occupies the area above this new mall.

2014 saw the opening of another expansion in which a Myer department store, a Target discount department store (which previously traded in the Mount Gravatt Plaza shopping centre on Creek Road, Mount Gravatt), an Aldi supermarket, a market precinct and approximately 100 specialty stores were added to the centre. The centre's Kmart store closed on 2 March and later reopened in a new store with the opening of the expansion on 18 September.


The centre includes the Garden City Bus Station and the adjacent Upper Mount Gravatt Busway Station, which is a major hub for Brisbane Transport buses on the southside. The centre has 4,675 spaces available for car parking.[3]

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