William Henry Leeds

William Henry Leeds (1786, Norfolk - 1866) was an English architectural critic and journalist.[1]

Leeds was a frequent contributor to the Foreign Quarterly Review in the 1830s,[2] writing for them on Russian literature as well as architecture.[3] In the 1840s he wrote for the Westminster Review.[4] From 1839 to 1854 he edited the Civil Engineer's and Architect's Journal, and from 1855 to 1856 edited Land and Building News.[5]

He translated Georg Moller's Memorials of German Gothic architecture and edited a revised edition of Decorative Part of Civil Architecture by William Chambers.


  • (transl.) Moller's Memorials of German-Gothic Architecture; with additional notes and illustrations from Stirglitz, etc., London: John Weale, 1836
  • Illustrations of the public buildings of London: with descriptions of each edifice, 1838
  • 'an essay on the present state of architectural study and the revival of the Italian style', published with Charles Barry's The Travellers' Club House (1839)
  • Rudimentary architecture for the use of beginners and students. The orders, and their æsthetic principles, London, J. Weale, 1852
  • (ed.) Decorative Part of Civil Architecture by William Chambers, 1866


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